Not all taste buds are created equal. And in Singapore, a group of specially trained testers put theirs to work at Abbott by offering flavor feedback on nutrition products customized for consumers in the region. As part of the “Taste of Asia” series that airs on its Asia Business Report, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) aired a nearly 3-minute feature segment on “Singapore’s Hidden Milk Connoisseurs.”

Reporter Timothy McDonald visited an Abbott R&D facility in Singapore and sampled products along with one of the local taste testers. The TV segment also featured Abbott’s new nutrition pilot plant in Singapore—a state-of-the-art facility able to quickly respond to nutrition needs and evolving taste trends.

As Gary Fanjiang, Abbott Nutrition Asia Pacific R&D divisional vice president, told the BBC, these tasters “help us triangulate what is the best combination of flavors and tastes that we can put into our product, so we have the best chance of meeting those specific taste preferences.” From Indonesia to India and beyond, it’s about meeting global consumers’ health and lifestyle needs while pleasing their palates at the same time.

Watch the entire BBC segment here.