Parenting isn't a perfect science, and we know there's no one right way to raise your kids. But for new and even veteran moms and dads, judgment is a real experience that can erode confidence and detract from what's really important: raising healthy and happy babies. Join The Sisterhood of Motherhood in leaving judgment and the mommy wars behind with #SisterhoodUnite.

Sleep training. Working. Diapers. Feeding. These are just a few of the hot topics that are often debated. As both new and veteran moms and dads look to make decisions for their children, they are faced with unsolicited advice—and often criticism—from others, particularly parents.

Earlier this year, we heard your stories and sparked a larger conversation when Similac launched The Sisterhood of Motherhood, encouraging families to rally around the fact that we're all in this together. Now, it's time to take action and put an end to the mommy wars and judgment.

In the spirit of making parenthood a time when you can focus solely on doing what’s best for your family, we’re asking parents (and supporters) everywhere to share the one step you’ll take in ending the mommy wars on our Similac Facebook page. Together, we can set aside our differences and the challenges that judgment can cause, and focus on our families.

Parents can find solace in that change is possible, and we’re all in this together—we’ll share tools and stories that will help you rally around the cause. From this video that shares stories of how many parents experience judgment, to hearing stories from our partners, Similac and The Sisterhood of Motherhood are committed to continuing the conversation and driving change. You’ll even hear from Hilary and Haylie Duff, the newest supporters of The Sisterhood of Motherhood and #SisterhoodUnite, about their struggles with judgment and how they’re planning to end the mommy wars and judgment.

Join us and the Duff sisters by sharing how you’ll help end the mommy wars on our Facebook page using the hashtag #SisterhoodUnite. Together we can impact change and put an end to the judgment.