Abbott’s nutrition heritage was highlighted in the Columbus Dispatch recently with a wide-ranging story on Abbott’s entrance into the nutrition business 50-years-ago following the company’s acquisition of Ross Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio. The story and accompanying video can be read here.

The article centers on how Abbott has transformed its nutrition business from a simple baby formula company to an international nutrition powerhouse. Readers might be surprised to learn that products made in Columbus, Ohio, are exported across the globe—from China to the Middle East to Central America. It also discusses Abbott Nutrition’s global research and development and manufacturing strategy.

“Columbus is a big part of the business, with 2,066 employees, including 350 at the Cleveland Avenue plant,” wrote Dispatch reporter Tim Feran. “Ohio has become such an important part of Abbott Nutrition that, within a month or two, the company will open a $270 million manufacturing facility in Tipp City, Ohio, that will employ 240 workers and increase support of the fast-growing adult-nutrition business.”

The article appears in the Sunday business section of the Columbus Dispatch and was published on April 6, 2014.