Moms. They set positive examples; put their children and families first; are quick to encourage and offer words of wisdom; and play the role of "Dr. Mom" when it comes to health. As we celebrate Mother's Day in many countries around the world, we asked Abbott Moms how they encourage their families to be healthy. They had advice on everything from making healthy food choices to getting their kids off the couch. Here are a few of our favorites:

When asked about health, Laticia Khalif, senior quality project manager, Diagnostics, Irving Texas, (left, pictured above with her daughter) offered these words of wisdom: "Make happy and healthy the norm. Enjoy your life, eat well, and exercise regularly."


Diagnostics global automation engineer and CAD specialist Andrea Clunie includes her son in meal preparation and helping with the family garden. Through these lessons, she's teaching him that the choices we make for our bodies today, help make our future bodies healthy and happy.

Mindy Roberts, senior specialist, clinical field, vascular, always keeps fresh-cut vegetables handy for healthy snacks. How does she do it? Every Sunday she dedicates time to prepare the vegetables. A few minutes each week helps her plan nutritious snacks in advance and avoid wasting produce.

Alison Butcher, inventory controller, customer service, nutrition from Sittingbourne, England, and her son participated in the Abbott CheerZone at the Virgin Money London Marathon. The 38,000 marathon participants inspired both to stay fit and healthy.

Ana Rochet, staff statistician, vascular, is a running role model for her 5-year-old triplets. She includes her kids in her marathon training lifestyle in Temecula, California, often taking them to the gym when she works out. Last March, the family ran their first 1-mile "fun run" together.

"Good job, Mom!" Kelly Staudt, manager sales analysis, pediatric nutrition, from Columbus, Ohio, includes her 2.5 year-old-son in her work-out routine. He tags along to the gym, often cheering for her. She not only gets encouragement from her little trainer, but also is able to fit exercise into her weekly routine.

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